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Movement, music, emotions, a moment, a memory, a person... the tangible and intangible translated into sculpture. As with my paintings, each piece has an inspiration but I let the piece speak to the viewer and don't influence the conversation with a title or my inspiration behind it.

This gallery has several thumbnails for each sculpture which display multiple views to provide a 3D perspective of the piece.
For more information/pricing on a particular piece, or to commission a work, please write to me through the "Contact"  tab.

S6: 43”H X 20”W Acrylic/Foam

S7: 20”H X 12”W Acrylic/Foam

S8: 20”H X 12”W Acrylic/Foam

S3: 25”H X 17”W Acrylic/Foam

S1: 30”H X 21”W Acrylic/Foam

S5: 20”H X 14”W Acrylic/Foam

S4: 43”H X 17”W Acrylic/Foam

S2: 32”H X 20”W Acrylic/Foam

Commission piece: Client desired five tiki-esque desktop sculptures to provide to senior management of a tissue company.

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